Our transformational lifestyle & interior design services guide our clients towards expressing themselves fully through their space and personal style.
Transformational lifestyle & interior design services in Southern California

What I do Is Who I am

In my visions and on better days (truthfully, most days), Southern California has this glowing, hazy quality that feels like the movies. It’s so easy to see why artists, creators, free thinkers and nature seekers are drawn here. I really believe where I’ve grow up has had such an influence on how I express myself.


I also believe travel and exposure to other cultures is non-negotiable. When I was a kid, I was a voracious reader. I would read page after page and obsess over faraway lands. I count myself so fortunate to now have traversed so much of our globe- for adventure, pleasure, work and growth. These are my homes and my muses. So naturally, I felt inspired in so many directions - studying interior design, fashion design, natural healthcare, and personal growth - following my creativity and a desire to find balance in my own life and career.

Now, over 20 years, and hundreds of clients and projects later, I’m still surprised and amazed it led me into a career that combines them all. I get to help my clients live in Sync with their self-expression every single day, showing them how to celebrate and communicate through their spaces and personal style. It lights me up.

This is my life and my message and my joy:  to be a part of the kind of shift that is possible when we create balance in our lives. Let’s do it together.


Now, what about YOU!?

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If you’re looking for me,

you might find me sourcing in New York on the hunt for the perfect piece of art, with a client at a souk in Cairo searching for just the right chandelier, camping on the California coast with a glass of Spanish red in hand or enjoying my husband's gourmet cooking around the table with family and friends (probably with a cat or dog in my lap).